Titan Technology Group
Why Titan?

We’re glad you asked:

  • Reliability, stability: The idea that your ticketing and POS system should work at all times is an unfortunately foreign idea to many organizations. Not to us. Our systems are built according to exacting standards of stability and performance, because we know that you can’t afford to have a POS system that isn’t there when you need it. Titan’s reliable solutions help everyone from small venue owners to Fortune 500 executives sleep soundly at night—drop us a line and let us put your mind at ease, too.

  • Save money, save time: Efficiency and speed are the hallmarks of our software’s remarkable design. From intuitive selling screens which reduce training and transaction times to management tools so powerful and useful you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them, every element of our systems has been designed to help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and eliminate inefficiencies.

  • Outstanding support: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our friendly, knowledgeable Help Desk staff is ready at all times to help you solve problems, troubleshoot, and make your life easy. We offer live 24x7 support every day of the year—ensuring we’re there for you whenever you need us.

  • Scale up, scale down: At Titan, we understand that the entertainment business is dynamic—companies expand, they build, they acquire. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s most flexible, scalable management software. Whether you run a single independent venue, or an international chain of properties, Titan systems are designed to grow with you.

  • Great reporting: With over 200 accurate, insightful, real time reports, your Titan system gives you all the analysis tools you could ever hope for. In the event that you need additional reporting capabilities, our software supports a variety of commonly-used 3rd party reporting tools for custom report creation.

  • Unparalleled flexibility: No one knows how to run your business better than you—so rather than tell you how your organization should adapt to a ticketing system, we’ve designed our software to be as flexible as possible—so your system adapts to you. From business rules and procedures, to screen layouts, to permission and security levels, to accounting practices—Titan offers solutions that fit the specific needs of your business.

  • Knowledge, experience, intelligence: With over 100 years of collective experience in the point-of-sale and entertainment industries, we’ve learned quite a bit about how to build great POS systems and help our customers solve problems. From our knowledgeable support staff, to our crack team of project managers, to our software developers, when you buy a Titan system, you get the benefit of working with people who know how to listen, adapt, and produce creative solutions.

  • We protect you: Protecting your system and data is critical. That’s why our software meets strict standards for privacy, security, and high-encryption. Titan’s applications have undergone rigorous independent assessments validating compliance with the Payment Card Industry’s Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) and Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) standards. Our software can also be implemented to meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

  • Open architecture, hardware independent: The last thing you need are restrictions on how to operate your POS system. So we’ve created a system that allows you to work with a huge variety of hardware devices, 3rd party software applications, and external systems.

  • Technology that makes sense: Technology is great, but only if it’s useful. We focus on designing products that are powerful, relevant to your business, and most importantly, easy to use. Our systems use some of the most advanced technologies available to help you tackle complex problems and processes simply, effectively, and intelligently.