Titan Technology Group

Fully integrated membership, gift card, and season ticketing features
Largest selection of POS options on the market
Full real time access to your system from anywhere!

Today's sports venues require the maximum in stability, reliability, and performance from their ticketing systems. Titan offers a range of products and features well suited to handle the volume and breadth of sports venues, while also providing managers and marketers with a variety of powerful customer relationship management tools.

Need a scalable call center system? Fully integrated blast e-mail capability and direct mail list filters? Private-label web ticketing and merchandising? Titan has the answer for you.

Our designers create intelligent tools that save you time, money, and headaches. We’ve built our software for seamless integration, allowing you to control every aspect of your business operation with one system.

Titan software also gives you the advantage of full remote access to your system from any computer with an internet connection—thanks to our browser-based solutions.

Take a look at the huge selection of smart, useful solutions Titan has to offer sports and athletic facility operators.