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Reduce overhead costs
Control your own inventory and service fees
Provide up-to-the second information, 24-hours a day

Enable your customers to purchase tickets over the phone with Titan’s Telephone/IVR software. TeleTixs supports conventional touch-tone menu navigation, or works with a variety of voice recognition products to provide your customers the ultimate in telephone ticketing convenience.

Reduce overhead costs and improve the purchasing experience with safe, secure, 24-hour availability. Seamless integration with all of Titan’s software products allows callers to hear performance and show times, event information, and seat availability information, all with up-to-the-second accuracy.

Manage inventory availability, adjust pricing, and control service fees with TeleTixs—the industry’s best telephone ticketing product. Give your customers a variety of fulfillment options, including automated ticket faxing, kiosk, and box office fulfillment.

TeleTixs is also available as an information-only product, which provides event times, pricing, and other venue information to callers in a convenient, easily accessible format.