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3rd Party Ticket Sales
> RemoteTixs
Allow 3rd parties such as wholesalers, tour operators, and promoters to access and sell from your ticket inventory
Allow web portals such as Fandango and MovieTickets to access your system and process transactions in real time

RemoteTixs allows wholesalers, tour and travel operators, promoters, and other 3rd party outlets to access your system and sell tickets in real time.

Comprehensive inventory holds and allocations allow you to make only certain tickets available to the outlets you choose. Control the amount and type of inventory 3rd parties have access to, while also determining permission levels for users outside your organization.

RemoteTixs automatically detects new data and changes collected at any of your POS or back office locations. Once detected, up-to-date schedule, event, showtime, and inventory information is provided to 3rd party systems.

For cinema operators, RemoteTixs enables you to allow website portals such as AOL MovieFone, MovieTickets and Fandango to access your system’s information and process transactions in real time.

RemoteTixs uses secure, standard protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and XML.