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Season & Subscription Ticketing
> SeasonTixs
Offer season and series tickets to your most loyal patrons
Create mini-series and choose-your-own series options
Easy ticket swaps, exchanges, and refunds

SeasonTixs enables you to offer a variety of season and subscription ticket packages to your patrons. Offer an unlimited number of series and season ticket packages—from traditional season tickets, to mini-series and season-within-a-season options, to a highly-configurable choose-your-own season alternative.

Titan’s intuitive interface makes renewals and exchanges quick and simple. Used in conjunction with Titan’s ScanTixs, lost tickets can be refunded or replaced safely, while exchanges can be handled without requiring the return of the original tickets.

SeasonTixs, along with Titan’s CRM Wizard also helps you to improve your season ticket sales. Send out automated or on-command renewal offers and reminders to existing season ticket holders, while reaching new patrons through easy e-mail and direct mail campaigns.