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High Volume Management
> EqualTixs
Manage high demand on-sales fairly and efficiently
Save money on labor costs by avoiding expensive call center options
Give customers an easy, convenient way to purchase tickets

Staffing and managing call centers for high demand on-sale periods is costly and inefficient—not to mention a headache for customers forced to wait in line or on hold. Titan’s EqualTixs provides an inexpensive, fair alternative to this cumbersome process.

Using our advanced random algorithm—which ensures that every customer has an equal opportunity to purchase tickets for the best seats—EqualTixs lets customers pre-order their tickets for high demand events, and assigns ticket purchasing time windows to patrons who have requested the chance to buy tickets.

Orderly, inexpensive, and fully integrated with your central ticketing system, EqualTixs processes orders without the added cost and hassle of long line-ups or camp-outs. Give your customers the easiest, fairest, most convenient ticket purchasing experience for your most coveted shows and events with Titan’s EqualTixs.