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Train operators quickly and easily with our intuitive interface
Browser-based operator licenses can be used and managed from anywhere
Scale up or down quickly to meet the demands of your customers

PhoneRoomTixs gives you the power to sell tickets from your own phone room or a third-party call center while managing and monitoring your ticket inventory in real time.

Our intuitive, easy-to-learn operator interface can be used from any PC with a browser and an internet link. Control your remote call center locations as easily and precisely as your own phone room. Add volume or scale down rapidly with this browser-based software. Whether you manage a round-the-clock operation, seasonal or temporary on-sales, or sporadic high volume periods, Titan’s PhoneRoomTixs provides the solution you’re looking for.

PhoneRoomTixs also enables you to serve as a hub for affiliated venues, or create a local call center co-op with other organizations in your community.

Offer customers a variety of delivery and fulfillment options through your call center. Generate FedEx shipping labels automatically for fast, easy delivery, or provide Will Call pickup locations at any kiosk or box office station.