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Electronic Signage
> InfoTixs, InfoTixsPlus, InfoPOS
Display important information and messages for your customers
Fully-customizable messaging, graphics, video,
Promote new products and generate revenue through advertising
Supports a wide variety of signage systems, screens, and monitors

Titan’s InfoTixs and InfoTixsPlus allow you to create and export ticketing, showtime, seat status, rating, runtime and other information from your Titan system to a variety of signage systems, LEDs, flat-panels, and television monitors.

InfoTixs lets you customize the look and feel of the information you display for your customers. Display show and venue information, create powerful promotional messaging, or use your signage to generate new revenue streams through advertising.

Customize the look and feel of your electronic messaging. Titan’s electronic signage products enable you to display photos, videos, information scrolls, advertisements, and more!

Titan’s InfoPOS enables you to send concession product, pricing, availability, and other related information from your Titan system to a variety of electronic display devices at your concession and merchandise locations.