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Data Replication
> DataTixs, eDataTixs
Fully integrates all points-of-sale across your entire organization with up to date data
Bi-directional replication keeps your home office data in sync with all remote sites, outlets, and points-of-sale

DataTixs replicates your system’s data from the local server to each of your points-of-sale, ensuring accurate, reliable, and seamless integration across your entire POS system.

DataTixs assures that your local points-of-sale have up-to-date programming and transaction information, which allow them to operate independently in the event of server or network failure.

The enterprise version of this module, eDataTixs, replicates all data changes and transactional data bi-directionally between your central office server and your individual sites. This service provides for very low bandwidth replication in near real-time.