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Fully integrated—no independent software or duplicate data
Offer a wide variety of membership rewards and benefits at any location
Gather valuable information about your most loyal customers
Sell memberships and offer member rewards from any POS—including your website

Titan’s comprehensive membership software enables you to offer a full-featured membership program to your patrons at any of your organization’s sites and venues. Seamlessly integrated with your ticketing and POS system, a Titan membership solution can help you grow your core customer base efficiently and effectively.

Titan’s fully-integrated software makes purchasing and using memberships easy for your customers. Sell memberships online, at the box office, or at any point-of-sale. Let your customers maximize their membership benefits by using their rewards and privileges on your website, at the box office, or at any of your organization’s sales outlets.

With Titan’s smart, powerful reports, your membership program becomes even more valuable. Titan’s comprehensive membership reports provide you with important data on all of your organization’s members and membership activity.

Titan’s eMembership software gives you the ability to:

  • Track entry, purchases, exchanges, and seat assignments
  • Create unlimited types of individual and group memberships
  • Issue guest passes, VIP tickets, and member-only tickets
  • Offer a wide assortment of rewards, discounts and benefits
  • Improve targeting for development and fundraising campaigns
  • Keep your members updated on news and promotions with automated e-mail generators
  • Customize your own rewards based on site, time, show or event type, and more!