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Turn casual customers into regulars
Collect valuable demographic information
Understand, reach, and reward your most valuable patrons
Allow patrons to earn rewards at any of your organization’s sites

Keep your customers coming back with a dynamic, tailor-made loyalty program. Our loyalty software helps you turn occasional patrons into regulars, while collecting key demographic information about your customer base.

Titan’s eLoyalty package gives you the ability to identify and reward your most valuable patrons with the types of benefits you select—let your customers earn points, dollars, items, or discounts through repeated visits to your organization’s sites and venues. Sign up new patrons online, at the box office, or at any point-of-sale—then let them earn and redeem rewards at any POS across your entire system.

eLoyalty helps you manage all of your personalized and bulk e-mail campaigns, as well as your direct mail marketing. Tools include automatic validation of ZIP+4 postal codes, promotional tracking, and labeling and sorting features.

Titan supports a wide variety of loyalty program formats for maximum flexibility: issue magnetic cards, bar coded cards, smart cards, or private account codes to customers who sign up for a loyalty account.