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Sell tickets to any of your sites
24-hour-a-day purchasing convenience in a secure online setting
Generate new revenue through service fees and advertising
Fully integrated real time seat availability and show information
Print-at-home, box office, kiosk, or shipping fulfillment
Fraud protection and comprehensive access control

Give your customers the convenience of buying tickets to any of your organization’s sites directly from your website with eWebTixs. This fully integrated, feature-rich web ticketing package enables your online visitors to view real time seat availability, show times, event information, and much more, at any of your venues—no 3rd party software or websites required! Offer general admission tickets, reserved seating, even allow your customers to choose their own seats with our SelectYourSeat feature.

Titan’s intelligent online ticketing solution helps you increase accessibility, lower overhead costs, and generate new streams of revenue by controlling your own web service fees.

Every online transaction gives you valuable information about your patrons. Titan gives you complete control over your customer data and inventory—no hidden fees, no restrictions.

Titan also helps you offer customers a variety of delivery and fulfillment options. Save on printing and postage costs when your customers print their own tickets with our Print-at-Home feature. Generate shipping labels automatically for fast, easy delivery. Or offer kiosk fulfillment and Will Call pickup options.

eWebTixs can be used with our state of the art access management software—ScanTixs—to assign each ticket a unique bar code. Titan software operates in real time to protect you and your customers from fraud and duplication, while providing your organization extensive access control and monitoring capabilities.

Titan’s project managers work with you to build a private label solution that’s right for your organization. Give your customers a safe, secure, convenient way to purchase tickets on your website:

  • Easy, step-by-step payment and check-out
  • Online “shopping cart” conducts all types of purchases at any of your venues or locations in one transaction
  • Ticket forwarding allows remote transfer of tickets purchased online
  • Process credit cards securely and instantly
  • Fraud protection features and comprehensive access control