Titan Technology Group
Gift Card & Stored Value
Complete integration with your back office, web, and all points-of-sale
Increase cash flow and generate new streams of revenue
Offer gift cards as a safe, secure, convenient payment method

Increase revenues, promote return visits, and make your customers’ purchasing experience as convenient as possible with Titan’s Gift Card & Stored Value module.

Fully integrated with your back office and central database, Gift Card & Stored Value works at any point-of-sale across your entire Titan system. This full-featured software allows you to track and monitor card issues, usage, and balances.

Attract new customers and keep old customers coming back with a safe, secure gift card program. Configure pre-set card values ($10, $25, $100 . . .), itemized card values (“2 tickets, 2 t-shirts”), or let your customers choose their own amount. Instant, reliable magnetic swipe card authentication means quick and convenient transactions for your patrons.

Gift card programs are an excellent way to increase cash flow, encourage customer support for your organization, and provide unique and versatile gift ideas for your patrons.