Titan Technology Group
CRM Wizard
Strengthen customer relationships through accurate, targeted promotions and campaigns
Create and sort mailing lists, blast e-mails, and newsletter subscriptions
Increase sales and attendance through increased customer awareness, membership and season renewal notices, and last-minute promotions

Our exclusive CRM (Customer Relations Management) Wizard enables you to identify and target your customers for maximum marketing and promotional impact.

This powerful tool helps you reach specific audiences with the highest degree of accuracy possible—saving time, money, and ensuring your messages reach the patrons you want.

CRM Wizard helps you generate lists of customers based on demographic information, customer attributes, and purchasing histories. Use CRM Wizard in conjunction with Titan’s Pollster software to create marketing campaigns based on precise customer preferences and purchasing patterns. Measure and record the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking e-mail click-throughs and website sales.

CRM Wizard gives you flexible, powerful customer outreach tools:

  • Generate blast e-mails, direct mail lists, labels, and promotional materials
  • Strengthen your relationships with your customers through follow-up notes, reminders, and event-specific notifications
  • Track customer birthdays and special dates
  • Send reminders and event-specific notifications
  • Increase membership and season ticket renewals through timed e-mails and letters
  • Create and sort newsletter lists