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Comprehensive scheduling and monitoring features
Remote access options for managers and employees
Smart, efficient labor management tools

Make employee management and scheduling fast and easy with Titan’s staffing tools. Conduct all of your labor management—from advanced scheduling to real time monitoring to on-the-fly shift changes—with one fully integrated system. Titan’s employee management package is browser-based, giving you the flexibility to manage your entire operation remotely from any computer with an internet connection.

Track attendance, copy schedules, switch employee shifts, and assign priority levels to your staff members. Customize your permission settings to let employees view their schedules online and choose their own hours and days. Or allow your staff to log-on remotely and adjust their own schedules.

Filled with helpful, time-saving tools, Titan’s staffing software keeps you informed with up-to-the-second information about your labor operation. Scheduling and monitoring employees has never been easier than with Titan.