Titan Technology Group

Full integration provides real-time pricing and inventory information to your cashiers and back office
Reduce transaction times with instant credit card authorization and intuitive selling screens
Flexible management tools for POS and inventory control

Improve your concession operations with Titan’s flexible, reliable, easy-to-use software. Titan integrates your food, beverage, and concessions sales seamlessly with your back office, allowing for real-time, up-to the second monitoring and control over this vital piece of your business.

Titan’s concession software helps improve your customer service while saving you time and money. Make concessions purchases as convenient as possible with reduced transaction times and integrated real time credit card authorization. Cut down on frustrating costs and inefficiencies with our highly intuitive selling screen design that makes employee training fast and easy.

Titan’s intelligent concession management tools give you complete control over promotions, pricing, and inventory. Offer an unlimited variety of products, combos, discounts, and promotions with our powerful back office features. Analyze your operation in real time with the best reporting tools available.

All Titan concession systems are hardware independent, giving you the freedom to select the devices that meet your budget and operational needs.