Titan Technology Group

Know-It-All Auditor is a comprehensive system auditing product that enables you to customize a series of thresholds and performance indicators which help you detect patterns, notice unusual activity, and analyze your business with incredible precision.

Auditor provides remarkably thorough system monitoring, saving you time and labor costs over traditional auditing. Find and respond faster to potential issues. Gain insight into hidden and long-term trends. Automated system scanning and reporting gives you instant, accurate information about any aspect of your organization.

Auditor helps you track important business indicators such as:

  • Product popularity
  • Attendance trends
  • Customer purchasing patterns
  • Busiest days on record

  • Auditor also serves as your 24 hour-a-day system watchdog, alerting you to:

  • Changes in selling patterns
  • Inventory discrepancies
  • Unauthorized sales
  • Excessive refunds, voids, and comps
  • Low inventory levels
  • Unapproved price changes
  • Unusual system activity of any kind